The Exhibit

The vision of the Petaluma Arts Center (PAC) is to build our community’s creative capacity. We believe that this exhibition will be a catalyst, supercharging that vision. With an eye towards our mission of building community through art, these exhibitions will be supplemented by several events that will include tours of the studios of local artists, a speaker/presenter series, workshops, book signings, construction of a communal sculpture piece, live music, and community interaction and engagement.

Opening Reception

The Opening Reception will include live music, interactive activities and speakers to introduce the participating artists, provide some history and background of Burning Man, and provide details of the upcoming events, such as the Studio Tours, workshops, speakers series, communal projects, etc.

Inside the Gallery at PAC

The PAC gallery will be sectioned into areas designated for each of the participating artists to curate themselves. On the walls will be photography, drawings, design sketches, text, and paintings inspired by Burning Man. These pieces may be from the design process for large scale pieces, or may reflect on the history of the festival, or document some of the artists involved.

On display will be sculptures, maquettes, jewelry, sections of large sculptures, books on Burning Man, journals, costumes created for the festival, and mutant cars.

Experience Burning Man vicariously from videos and photographs illustrated by seasoned photographers and Burners.

Inside the Classroom

The PAC classroom will be transformed into the AfterBurn Workshop, featuring classes on jewelry making, costume making, and various Maker activities.

Onstage at PAC

Several events are planned as part of the speaker series to support the show. The topics include the following:

  • History of Burning Man from some of the founders
  • Books written and produced about the event or the artists.
  • The artists/couples who collaborate to make the art.

Outside the Gallery at PAC

  • Sculpture: Large sculpture pieces displayed around PAC grounds
  • Lightshow: May encompass the entire int/ext. of gallery at select times
  • StoryCorps Booth: for the sharing/archiving of Burning Man stories and the relationships developed there.
  • Live Music events: Celebrating the styles of music found at Burning Man.
  • Mutant Vehicles on display.
  • Mutant Bicycles: participants will decorate their bikes for the parade/procession to the studios.

Studio Tours

  • Visit Studios of Burning Man artists near PAC
    • Marco Cochran
    • Michael Garlington
    • Reared in Steel
  • Parade/Procession from PAC to the studios
    • Art Bus available
    • Art Bikes (Bicycle Coalition)
    • Walkers in costumes
  • Fundraising party at PAC after each studio tour
    • Costume Ball
    • Maker stations
    • Photo ops
    • Live music and performances
    • Food and drinks

Other Possible Venues

  • We are coordinating with other venues around Petaluma to host Pop Up events. These may include cocktail events, poetry readings, speaker series, and others.

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